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IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF A JOB, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! The Rye Youth Council Employment office connnects students with employers looking for help. Hundreds of kids have successfully used our office to find that first paying job in Rye or environs. Let us help you, too!

Please register at our new online job listing and referral service at Once approved, you will have 24/7 access to your personalized account. The service is open to teens and young adults ages 14 to 21 who live or attend school in Rye, NY.

Jobs range from babysitting, mother's helper, hostess helper, outdoor/physical labor, pet care, tutoring, camp counselor, lifeguard (must be 15 or older and certified), beach boy or snack bar staff at local clubs and camps. There are also options for students willing to venture outside of Rye to work at a number of specialty camps. Stores and offices also hire students over the summer.

Parents, employers and nonprofit organizations who have job opportunites for high school and/or college students are asked to register these jobs on the website. The process is easy: simply go to the site, register your organization, and enter the job or community service information. Employers registering online will be contacted by phone by an office volunteer for verification before the job posting is made available online through the service. Employers are solely responsible for interviewing potential candidates; students and parents or legal guardians of minors are responsible for ensuring the suitability of the job and employer.

For more information call 967-0015 or e-mail


Do you need Help Finding a Job

or Need to Hire??


The Rye Youth Council Employment Service can provide College and High School students with a variety of jobs, for instance:



Rye Youth Council Employment Services

1 Parsons Street, Rye NY 10580

(located in Rye High School, main hallway across from the library)

The Rye Youth Council Employment Service connects young people seeking employment with prospective employers. Whether an employer is looking for part-time sales help, assistance in backyard clean up, or help of a more technical nature, such as computer training, the RYC employment service can help . This service has been available to the Rye community for over 20 years and has placed thousands of students in part time or summer jobs. In addition, the RYC employment service provides resume writing seminars and job interview skills training at Rye High School.

Hostess Helpers

Parent volunteers coordinate students with Rye hostesses that need an extra hand during their social events. Students may be asked to serve, clean up and take coats and will dress appropriately for the occasion (white shirt/blouse and black pants/skirts).  Some training is provided before students are assigned to specific jobs.



For more information please call 967-0015.

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