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Rye Youth Council
21 Locust Avenue
Rye, NY 10580                

(914) 967-3838



Diane Rosenthal — Executive Director
Kristen Salov — Elementary School Youth Advocate
Casey Carlucci DeCola — Director of Teen Services
Susan McGovern — Rye Youth Council Youth Employment Services



Lisa Dominici Faries — President of the Board of Directors                 

Dave Bluvol — Treasurer                  

Lisa Keegan — Secretary


Community Representatives

Gregg Howells — Executive Director Rye YMCA
Leora Frankel — Community Synagogue
Scott Nelson — Headmaster Rye Country Day School
Patricia Taylor — Principal Rye High School

Diane Rosenthal                  



Members at Large

Shari Balaish

Carol Dolich
Andi Hessekiel

Lorraine Levinson

Connie Macleod
Jane Mickatavage

Nancy Steed


Current Board Members

Maureen Angelastro        Sharon Cammisa               Alison Chader                         Lisa Ruderman Chen
Stephen Fairchild                 Beth Gallos
Wendy Garfinkel
Amy Gorman                 

Kristin Jautz                      Christie Manning                   Kim O'Connor
Kassandra Souply
Stephanie Spierings
Jennifer Swanson               Ward Urban                        Kelley Worman

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