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My goal and passion is to do my best to support your children and give them knowledge and tools necessary to navigate their elementary school years successfully. I have a B.S. in Behavioral Science and a Masters of Science in Mental Health/School Counseling.

My active-participation classroom lessons are crafted around the issues the students experience throughout the year -- and in particular, the areas in which they might be struggling. Together, we focus on social-emotional growth and mindfulness. I help them develop the skills they need to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts nonviolently, and make responsible decisions. My curriculum teaches students how to do the following:


▪             Recognize emotions in themselves and others

▪             Build and maintain friendships

▪             Have empathy and respect for others

▪             Control impulses

▪             Communicate clearly and assertively

▪             Learn how to work together in spite of differences

▪             Solve problems effectively

▪             Develop a healthy self-confidence


I work with each 3rd and 4th grade class in the Rye City School District for 10-12 weeks, an hour per week. If the need arises, I also work with the other grades on an ad-hoc basis. I also offer individual and group lunches throughout the year to help maintain and support the students’ abilities to navigate the school environment. If you ever feel that your child needs extra support, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Kristen Salov

Rye Youth Council Elementary School Youth Advocate


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