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Third grade




Our Elementary School Youth Advocate Kristen Salov works in all elementary schools in the Rye City School District. Her work focuses on teaching life skills in the 3rd and 4th grade. Lessons in social development and character education help students to develop tolerance, accept differences, resist bullying, solve problems and make healthy decisions for themselves and others.

One activity requires that students work in small groups to build a house of cards. It is a difficult challenge that often brings up feelings of frustration, so it becomes a great opportunity to discuss effective ways of handling those feelings.

Kristen will then gather the children to discuss what behaviors and strategies helped the group work well together (discussion of ideas, listening to each other, inclusion of all, flexibility and willingness to compromise). They also discuss behaviors (no names attached) that the kids may have found challenging in their groups, how they affected the child or the group, and how they were handled.

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