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In this smart and heartfelt presentation, Lee Woodruff will share her thoughts on how to support our children during difficult times and help them develop grit and resilience.

On January 29, 2006, the Woodruff family's life changed forever. Lee's husband Bob, anchor of ABC's World News Tonight, was grievously injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq, suffering a traumatic brain injury. The mother of four was left trying to hold the family together as they embarked on a long and arduous journey towards healing and recovery. Lee and Bob chronicled this experience in their best-selling book, In An Instant. Lee and Bob created the Bob Woodruff Foundation, dedicated to helping veterans with traumatic brain injuries. To date, the Foundation has given away more than $10 million to thousands of veterans and their families. Since then, Lee has authored two additional books, Perfectly Imperfect: A Life in Progress and Those We Love Most, which is on the New York Times Best Seller List and has won the Washington Irving Book Award.



Their Health, The Law and Your Liability

If you attended this important and informative panel discussion on March 31, we'd love to get your feedback. Please click here to fill out a short survey! For anyone who missed it, here is a link to the video. Truly a powerful evening, and an issue that none of us can afford to ignore. The Rye Youth Council has already begun offering follow-up discussions. If you would like to get more information, please email us at




The Rye Youth Council focuses on social-emotional learning, character education and life skills. It provides the crucial balance to the academic challenges of our schools. Please click on the image below to watch a short video and learn more about us!



The Rye Youth Council is an independent nonprofit organization, built on the belief that our children’s social and emotional well-being is essential to their academic and lifelong success.

Our youth advocates offer programs that foster positive behavior, encourage social-emotional growth, and challenge students to see the world beyond themselves.

We work closely with the schools, parents and community to create positive goals and to provide a safe, caring environment for all our young people.


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